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Update from 2021: This website is presented in a more or less archival state. Updates are occasionally made, but much of the content, including this starting page reflect the last period of active usage around 2016. Elements of the project continue in the work of the Insititute for Computational Vandalism and with Constant Michael Murtaugh (talk) 09:45, 30 July 2021 (CEST)

Archiving starts now! Read a Manifesto for an Active Archive (FR). Active Archives was initiated by Constant vzw in 2006.

Erkki Kurenniemi: In 2048
Guttorm Guttormsgaard: Eleven Orderings
Who's who
Video wiki
Data diary

Recent Events & Presentations

See the Timeline for a complete listing of presentations (and other events)

Other Resources

Resources are available in a variety of forms which reflect the different ways that we work:

There is also a list of Related projects.

For news about the project, you can sign up for the mailinglist. Or Contact us.

Participating organisations

Constant vzw Arteleku logo.png Fundació Antoni Tàpies Archipel BAM, Instituut voor beeldende, audiovisuele en mediakunst


"Cut-ups are for everyone. Anybody can make cut ups. It is experimental in the sense of being something to do. Right here write now. Not something to talk and argue about. Greek philosophers assumed logically that an object twice as heavy as another object would fall twice as fast. It did not occur to them to push the two objects off the table and see how they fall. Cut the words and see how they fall." William Burroughs on Brion Gysin and cut-ups


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